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These security updates from CEF come more often than the Kokua release cycle, however, our Test viewers can be used to maintain a level of currency. Please remember that Linux viewers are Alpha and that is even more the case now that we longer have the benefit of Linden Lab's Quality Assurance run through of new features added to Linux viewers. We do our best to provide a stable linux viewers, but with the vast number of linux distributions problems will occur that may not have timely solutions.

Note: when the MD5 value is showing as tba please wait a while before trying to download.

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This usually means that we are in the process of creating and staging the builds. Macintosh 64 Bit.

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Linux 64 Bit. Windows 64 Bit.

Macintosh 32 Bit. Linux 32 Bit. Windows 32 Bit Alex Ivy. Windows 32 Bit. Kokua viewer project no longer supports OpenSim viewers.

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At times there may be update viewers posted on SourceForge. Jump to: navigation , search. This page is no longer being updated and its content will be removed in due course. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. To move them:. When you launch your viewer, it checks for any existing chat files and keeps that information in memory. When you have a lot of chat files, it takes up a lot of memory.

Also when you have a large chat file for an active chat, that entire file may be loaded into memory.

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This can cause viewer lag and may affect how long it takes to open, say, Preferences the first time after login. There are ways you can have chat logs and minimize the lag they create. NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you log out of the viewer before moving chat files or performing any other file explorer functions inside your Chat Logs or settings directories. Share on Managing Chat Transcripts By default, viewers store chat transcripts in the same directory as it does settings and configuration files Contact Sets, teleport history, etc.

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Open your file explorer, navigate to your Documents directory and create a directory in there. Call it Chat Logs, or whatever you prefer. The viewer will create subdirectories in here, each named for your avatar.

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Inside each avatar subdirectory will be the actual chat files. Look for the Conversation logs and transcripts location field.

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Click Set, then choose the directory you created above. Click OK or Open or Save, as appropriate. To move them: Navigate to the folder that stores the application data for the viewer - if you do not see this folder, you may need to show hidden folders. In the file explorer, you should see several directories, one named for your avatar. That's your per-account settings.