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Make an Offer. Shop by Category. Genre see all. Role Playing. Release Year see all. Region Code see all. Region Free. Rating see all. Game Name see all. Nancy Drew Filter Applied. Platform see all. PC Filter Applied. Guaranteed Delivery see all. No Preference. Teen detective Nancy Drew travels to the Pacific Northwest and investigates after a whale-watching tour boat is vandalized. Adventure, Mystery, Romance. Teen detective Nancy Drew visits Shadow Ranch and investigates the mysterious accidents that follow sightings of a ghostly horse. Teen detective Nancy Drew is invited to an old manor in England to figure out why the woman living there has been acting strangely.

During the Great Depression, teen detective Nancy Drew visits the young woman who owns the Lilac Inn and investigates the mysterious occurrences going on there. Teen detective Nancy Drew and her friends, Frank and Joe Hardy, are invited on a train ride out West to figure out what happened to the man who vanished off the train over a century ago. Teen detective Nancy Drew goes undercover in Paris to determine the cause of a famous fashion designer's bizarre behavior.

Teen detective Nancy Drew teams up with the Hardy Boys to investigate a legendary creature that may be causing the strange things happening in the Hawaiian rain forest. Teen detective Nancy Drew travels to the Canadian Rockies to investigate a string of suspicious accidents and wolf sightings at the Icicle Creek Lodge.

E Adventure, Crime, Mystery. Teen detective Nancy Drew and her best friend Bess Marvin travel to New Orleans and search for a missing crystal skull rumored to make its owner immortal. Teen detective Nancy Drew goes undercover in Venice to track down an art thief known as "The Phantom". E Adventure, Mystery, Romance. Teen detective Nancy Drew searches for buried treasure on a remote island in the Bahamas in order to meet the ransom demand after her best friend is kidnapped. Teen detective Nancy Drew goes undercover at a prestigious all-girls academy to investigate a series of accidents committed by someone known as the "Black Cat".

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Teen detective Nancy Drew investigates a tornado research team that is experiencing dangerous equipment malfunctions. Teen detective Nancy Drew travels to Japan and investigates ghost sightings at a traditional inn. Teen detective Nancy Drew travels to a castle in Germany and investigates sightings of a mysterious monster. And, of course, the culprit comes by later to give you tea and comfort. And all for gold.

A total masterpiece. This accident-prone Victorian mansion is a virtual fear cage. It sweats out and steeps you in fear, anxiety, a constant mounting tension that is never released.

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You see things, hear things, feel things that are never really fully explained away. Peepholes through paintings, creepy attics, tragic romantic backstories and hidden treasure all cradled in layers of local culture and lore. Rose and Abby are perhaps their own mystery how are they a couple, exactly? The gameplay as I remember it from years and years ago glides smoothly enough from one task to another, never leaving you too lost all by yourself in such an utterly haunted place. The place is haunted. It feels like the Golden Gardenia always will be haunted, no matter what is solved within its walls.

Each note of this game is so pleasant, so perfect. Well, as long as we ignore Andy Jason and his sin of a Whale World. Deception Island is a fabulous place to connect the dots between a ransacked boat, an orphaned orca and a handful of robberies, all with the full ability to give yourself food poisoning whenever you damn well please. Ah, such quaint troubles.

Doing lunch or not doing lunch, luring Nancy to anvil shaped rocks and the tops of lighthouses. The puzzles are all perfect in my opinion and not a single one feels arduous or out of place. It sings, swims, glides, does other nice things like that. And amidst all the Shanghai-ing tunnel and Snake Horse gossip, ransacking and almost getting killed by a piece of lighthouse, you never do think to yourself, hey, what if that orca out there is an ex-Russian spy?

The Secret of Shadow Ranch romances you like no other game does. Impossible vegetable picking, broken baskets resulting in broken eggs, and having to earn the respect of a steely and frankly, quite sexist old cowboy. But once chores are done and old men put in check, the ranch begins to charm you and the mystery of a phantom horse, and what it might have to do with rumours of hidden treasure, drops neatly in your lap. Their love might, after all, remind you of Nancy and Ned; the adoration one man can have for a brilliant young woman who loves puzzles, who loves using that brilliance.

The puzzles Dirk came up with for Frances take Nancy through the surrounding areas gathering petroglyphs, lassoing her way up steep, rocky inclines, and even lets us visit the beautifully eerie ghost town of Dry Creek where there there are looming shadows out of the corner of your eye—just enough creepiness to keep you on edge while you get threatened by a scorpion, look for the brand of the BD eyes ranch, and, of course, get knocked out and locked inside the jail.

The beauty of this game is its humbleness, how deceptively simple it seems, how neatly written and tied together. The gameplay is never too stalled, the puzzles never too illogical or absurd, but they follow neatly from one to another not to mention, the chores give this game a palpable dose of realism that helps cement the story in reality. It is hardly grandiose, hardly flashy. You stare at those chickens and remember that Nancy has a steady back home, and while I maintain it is an open relationship, there is no fuckin room for you in here.

Which comes to a head beautifully, in an immense maze that treads the line of Nancy Drew Trope and Realistic Enough to be really quite enjoyable. Not to mention creepy, and then really honestly scary once the Who Dunnit shows up and starts coming after you. Dropping someone through a false floor may never be so satisfying. And finding heaps of gold in the desert could never be as romantic as it is in The Secret of Shadow Ranch. The Curse of Blackmoor Manor is a dream.

Now this is a mystery game. Nightmares crowd in at night, there are things travelling down the hall, peering at you through the windows, and beasts growl your name forebodingly outside. Did they, I wonder, even google these things before whipping this up? But all its faults are made up for—are surpassed—with the smattering of occultism, the myriad secret tunnels, that Glow in the Dark Eyeball Curse, and one steak served as bloody as can be.

Not to mention the late night rituals with Byzantine-esque headwear, picking up the Elder Futhark of Norse Runes which are slightly fucked up, I should note—Othala and Dagaz being swapped , messing around with alchemical symbols, a mutus liber, a hidden forge, and a parrot that knows Latin. Not to mention, Nancy crams a pad of butter into an antique lock at one point because, well, why the fuck not?

Every note FIN aims for it hits with complete perfection. The crumbling, soon to be demolished theatre is lustrously forgotten, its old glory smeared with a patina of grime. It aches with the legacy of cracked moulding, a plugged dressing room sink, hot pink bubble gum stuck to red velvet.

Once a stop for the most famous magicians of its era, the shadow of this show magic that haunts the Royal Palladium is subtly eerie around the edges—down in the basement, Manny the Magician delightfully deceives you time and time again in a card game before breaking down, collapsing and contorting in an Exorcist-like fashion before your eyes. Each character she meets is a perfect match for her sassiness, her desperation, her totally done with all of it.

Meanwhile, Joseph lurks in the projector room like an ashen vulture, sad and rural and overly helpful, and Nicholas Fight The Power Falcone mans the foyer with his laughable HAD-IT brochures and cargo pants, frustrating Nancy with his desire to be groovy overriding his observance of grammar, and mystifying her with simple slang. Not many games have this dynamic in them; Nancy falls quickly and easily into being a not-so-personally invested detective soon after this. But it shines strongly here, adding to the sense of urgency as time slips away, making it a race to snoop, to fuck around with old magic trick props, learn that rubber is shock-proof and the police are a bunch of fools.

Every time. The Final Scene is fucking perfect. But really, few places in Nancy Drew games are as perfect as the haunted Ryokan Hiei; the music, the sounds of the garden at night spilling in through the open doors, the fire crackling in the corner, the residual energy of what happened in the baths following each move you make. I love being in this game. I love soaking it all in.

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I have dyscalculia, a numbers-related learning disability, which makes many of the puzzles actually impossible for me to complete on my own. But I love this game all the same and Rentaro has actually grown on me quite a bit. Yumi is just so kawaii and sends you a photograph where she has bananas for eyebrows. Miwako is too sad, too pained by the whole thing and I only wish the best for her in her future.

She does, at least for the time being, have a robotic cat to keep her spirits up. Its sins are quickly buried. I just like being there. Crumbling, dark, spooky and an intensely gothic triumph of a mystery game. The entire game is met in eternal night, the baseline of the game subterranean, rarely peaking its head above ground for air. Nancy gets called by Savannah Woodham from SAW to investigate the disappearance of Jessalyn Thornton, who went missing on the night of her bachelorette party, which took the form of a ghost hunt at the abandoned Thornton Hall, purported to be haunted by the ghost of Charlotte Thornton, dead these past twenty something years.

And amidst this, Nancy gets to solve tangrams to break into coffins, putter about with an EMF detector a somewhat anticlimactic non-start to what I thought was going to be a dose of real-life ghost hunting in the game , drink tea with no more than 10 sugars allowed, and deface generations worth of family portraits. And the game is full of uncovered mysteries still, as we know from correspondence with Her Interactive. Carbon monoxide poisoning has never been quite so goth.

This is the game that I love.

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My first game, a game that took me months to solve with a friend, a game that is so snowed-in beautiful, so wistful, regretful, gently creepy and home to one of my childhood idols: Professor Hotchkiss. I do love all her awful passport disguises and how she had the balls to give one of them a Halloween birthdate, however. And I love Professor Hotchkiss. Cluck cluck. I genuinely think she taught ten year old me that it really was okay to delve into as many weird topics of interest as I wanted, that my passion for history was totally cool and I could indulge it as much as I wanted.

She just fell on a bit of a mystery, and the mystery bits keep on piling up until she just has to break into a tower without falling down an elevator shaft or getting crushed to death. This game deserves many kudos for the deaths that really realise the full horror of elevators. Not to mention that fuckin sad as hell garden. All of it is just perfect. There are no flaws. Fuck that would be good to read.