Response.redirect validation of viewstate mac failed

If you know that no data involved in the page needs to be encrypted, then it may be safe to set the mode to Never.

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However, at this point it is rare for the documentation about a control to disclose what is being saved in ViewState, so you will want to be careful if there is a chance that sensitive data could be exposed. After adding the above tag in web.

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March 18, prashantd. Reply sahi None. Mike Banavige Reply ProblemSolvi I solved by closing the browser and calling the page again. This is an expiration issue. Usually it happens when you have viewstate enabled on your control.

Other reasons and practices might cause the error but the best practice to solve it is clause the page and open and it will work Reply mbanavige All-Star. Other reasons and practices might cause the error but the best practice to solve it is clause the page and open and it will work What user is suggesting is not as foolish as it sounds..

Please note that he is talking about the viewstate errors in the development environment while developing the application. It would be foolish if the user is suggesting to do it, if its not while developing Kumar Reddi Reply mbanavige All-Star. Every problem that occurs in the development environment has the potential to become a huge issue when released to production. These same problems also have the potential to become nothing more than abberations that occur because of the development process itself.

With that said But still.. But its very common to get view state invalid errors which is not what the original poster was asking about , if you do something on the page and go back to add some new controls or modify the state of the controls in the VS. If you want I can reproduce that error in every development envrionment.. Oct 20, AM mbanavige LINK just for the record, i never used the word foolish and my harshness was directed at the post, not the poster.

Mike Banavige Reply uswebpro Member. My app. The thing thats bugging me is whats the cause of this error. Reply DotNetMonk None. Now the error is gone. I am using.

Solved: "Validation of viewstate MAC failed" - portcom

The error was coming in a particular child page. I am using Master and child page structure. After removing this form tag the error is gone. Hope this helps.

I've been through ALL the forums everywhere you can imagine and tried everything. FIX IT! I have gone back to VS03 with.

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NET 1. I'll wait until SP2 comes out for.

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Jan 26, AM crystal. Feb 06, AM crystal. I do not know why those errors occurs. I did manage to produce the error myself by asking for quick page resfresh.

Failed to load viewstate.

It's major issue. What are we supposed to do with Viewstate MAC failure? ViewStateException: Invalid viewstate. HttpException: Unable to validate data. Deserialize String inputString End of inner exception stack trace End of inner exception stack trace at System. Deserialize String inputString at System. Deserialize String serializedState at System.