Mac fonts auf windows installieren

An installation guide is available for the official Windows builds, prepared by Jeremy Tan.

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An installation guide is available for the official Mac builds, prepared by Dr Ben Martin. The FontForge package included in Ubuntu Check that the helper script add-apt-repository is installed:. To install FontForge on your Fedora Linux desktop machine run the following yum command as the root user.

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  • This will require about 10MiB of download to complete. If you have not compiled software on your Fedora machine, after installing gcc, automake, autoconf and others then you might get an error during the execution of autogen.

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    After issuing the yum install you should be able to run FontForge from your menu or directly from the konsole or gnome-terminal by issuing the fontforge command. There is no program getnonfreefonts-sys anymore. If the installer is invoked on Windows, it installs getnonfreefonts for Windows only, otherwise for all platforms. If you are using a TeX Live distribution which is part of your Unix system, the getnonfreefonts installer avoids to interfere with the system's package manager.

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    • In this case only one platform will be supported. All fonts provided by getnonfreefonts can be used freely even in commercial environments.


      Licenses of these fonts restrict distristribution. Licenses stated in the table are the most restrictive ones of a particular font package.

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      They refer to either the fonts themselves or, in case of derived fonts, to the original fonts. Licence types in italics refer to the TeX Catalogue. ClassicoVn and GaramondVn are part of vntex-nonfree. Many poeple asked me to include additional fonts and in most cases I had to disappoint them.