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Step Four Turn on Dictation by selecting the On radio button. You'll be notified that when you dictate text what you say along with other information such as your contacts is sent to Apple. Click the Enable Dictation button to continue. Step Five Choose your audio input device from the dropdown located below the microphone icon.

Using Dictation in OS X Mavericks

In this example we will use the MacBook Pro's internal microphone. For example, if I open TextEdit and want my Mac to write:. Note that while all applications understand punctuation, not all will respond to formatting commands. And what command does dictation understand?

Apple provides a comprehensive list on this page. Dictation does a remarkably good job capturing your words. In such cases, hold down the Control key and click on the underlined word. Just select the one you want and it will be inserted. If no alternative is offered, just highlight the word and type in the correct one.

Text to Speech is another easy-to-use feature built into Mountain Lion. You can additionally choose to have system alerts announced, have your Mac tell you when an application needs your attention, and speak selected text when you press a particular key combination Option-Escape is the default. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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Text to Speech

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How to Use Dictation in Mac OS X

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