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I did have an SE or Ai version installed and serialized before the upgrade.

SilverFast Ai Studio - Epson Perfection Feature Movie (English)

Thank you for your interest in the new features! To aid you in upgrading your version easily we put a step-by-step-instruction online. If you purchased the IT8 calibration option as an add-on, you have to update the program with your new serial number. Start SilverFast. In the button panel of the pre-scan window, locate the info button labelled "i", topmost button. Click on the info button. A new window will appear, click "Credits", click "Upgrade". You now have the opportunity to change the serial number. Please enter the serial number provided for the IT8 option.

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After confirmation of this serialization dialog window, you should now find the IT8 calibration button on the button panel of the preview window located in the middle, depicting a set of scales with a coloured bar underneath the scales. For detailed information on how to go about with SilverFast's IT8 calibration function, please visit Ian Lyon's tutorial. Also available on our website is a movie demonstration 5. The software will then be serialized for all users on a system.

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The CD won't be recognized if it is inserted while SilverFast is running. Apple's support webpages, article ID: for detailed information on "enabling and using the "root" user in Mac OS X". How can I tell SilverFast to address the other Nikon filmscanner?

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  • You enter your serial no. This time it will find the remaining Nikon scanner. If nothing helps, the latter case might effect you. Delete what you have, return to the download section and get a fresh "Internet SE" version. Use your exact credit card name with your serial number. SilverFast old versions 3. I downloaded the Silverfast to try it, it worked ok, but it was much cheaper less than half to buy an Epson V than buying the software.

    Have you tried Vuescan? This particular scanner doesn't seem to work on OSX Lion though. Hmmmm interesting. There is upgrade pricing for existing users with registration numbers, and free upgrades for people who buy hardware that includes Silverfast. The extent of the discount depends on your existing version but as a 6. Originally posted 97 months ago. Karim M Wow! Not bad I think I will buy it. OverdeaR : It is! Even more so in your neck of the woods Even with high film prices, it's pretty cool to live in an exotic country :- 97 months ago permalink.

    I'm going to give View Scan a try. Why didn't they make an Ai version like they have for the Epson V, instead of needing to buy the whole suite! I have Vuescan for my Minolta Dual II scanner, but i can't seem to get a batch scan with the V whit al frames selected properly. Saturday the Nikon i bought online will be shipped to me and i will see if the original software is included and if it will run on my old iMac G5, then i'll might be using that for the scanning.

    Mac users might want to pass on this one. I am not the only one either, read the sixth post down here: discussions. OS until at least months after release. Nikon Coolscan via Marktplaats! Speaking of Vuescan and Silverfast has everyone noticed that if you have any version of Silverfast that you can make a copy of the serial number and email it to Vuescan then you can get a free upgrade from Vuescan to the Professional Version? Saves 40 dollars on the Pro Version of Vuescan and get free upgrades for life Check the Vuescan Website hamrick.

    Why is it that I am happy with Epson Scan? Epson Scan suits me fine. There are a couple of things I wish it did better, but nothing that can't be done if I desperately require it by a freeware app like Irfanview. What are the improvements over v. Except for the "improved" UI?

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    I'm downloading CyberViewX I like the new UI and the improved scanning workflow of v8. Not buying.

    Silverfast 8 mac, silverfast 8 serial - (silverfast 8 serial mac)

    The real problem is, the high end scanners. Greg 97 months ago permalink. I feel the same way. I tried everything that came with my V including silverfast, mostly because I was to green too know better and felt like I wasted my time trying to high-marketed software to deliver as advertised in fact, I had to rescan much of it.

    The basic scan software that came with the epson was more than adequate and created the best images with the least amount of fuss. I also feel somewhat sorry for Mac Users and their limitless problems with software drivers with widely differing and often non-reverse-compatible Operating systems. Good luck guys, Steve Jobs thanks you for the years of free advertising and support! Johnson edited this topic 96 months ago.

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    All my black and whites were from my used Epson with Epson software. What would new software do for me? I will repeat what I said in the plustek thread as it goes even more with the epson V series scanners, even more so because the epson when compared to the plustek software is more then adequate even if it is a bit hands on clunky. If you have any form of workflow the Silverfast software is a piece of junk you would have to spend at least the cost of a scanner to upgrade to a usable version. Besides a rather useless raw mode it doesn't have 48 bit per colour save function.

    The raw mode would be good if it integrated with lets say Lightroom but it doesn't. I don't know about you but I only like to scan once and use the file as a master. To top it off they keep on telling you to read a page manual and strongly implying that if you want to be a pro you are using the wrong scanner software.