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To install the plugin, simply run the downloaded file purelyrics. The plugin searches lyrics from the title string it finds in the WinAmp window the scrolling text containing artist name, song name, etc.

How to Install WINAMP Player Classic on macOS Sierra

The expected format for the title string is "artist - song name" or "artist - album - song name", but numerous other formats are accepted too. Good idea but rarely works.

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I was pretty disappointed with this app. The sites it links to rarely have the lyrics of my songs and when they actually do I found it doesn't work as smoothly as expected.

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It's a good idea to let people add their lyrics and to set up such a database and I like the fact that it is a plugin for Winamp. On the whole though, it's more of a gadget than anything and I've disinstalled it for good. Maybe people who are into karaoke will find it exciting. Pros: Winamp plugin Large database of lyrics Can add your own lyrics. Cons: I can't find the lyrics to my favorite songs Viewing lyrics wasn't smooth sailing for me More.

It would be the perfect plug-in if it could play karaoke zip files and save having to use another program in combination.

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  • I realise that zip files aren't a media format so maybe it can't be done but it would be cool if it could be. Still the One and Only, and works great too! Fast to appear, plays well with tempo changers and other plug-ins. Yannick - any chance of providing a knob to adjust the transparency of the background color on the fly? Thank much!! Not working on Winamp 5.

    winamp karaoke plugin download, free winamp karaoke plugin on software download -

    Have been unable to get it to work on Winamp PRO. Will keep trying. It works perfectly!

    Good free karaoke programs?

    I also really love using Winamp it's so easy to use and does not need a super fast computer to operate. It Rocks Thomas Reed obviously has no idea what he is doing So Thomas Get it and have Karaoke right on yer computer Update for Winamp 5? Big mistake. It doesn't apparently work.

    play cdg karaoke files in Winamp

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