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I'm going with "misprint" re. The type of graphics, integrated or discrete does not make a difference. Only two monitors natively. I have no idea where the words in the everymac webpage came from. It does not make sense. One video output can only drive one monitor unless you uses a splitter. When using a splitter the same image is display on each screen connect to the splitter. Even the Mac Mini which has one HDM port and two Thunderbolt ports only natively supports two monitors based on the Apple specs and users unsuccessfully trying three monitors one connect to each port.

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This, of course, doesn't address the question of whether or not it will work on a Mini, but splitters when designed right "pass through" multiple MDP channels to the output connectors making them unique not mirroring. A Belkin representative answers several questions and says that a new version with updated firmware will be released soon. Comment date 1 Feb A splitter splits one signal into two monitors. It may extend the screen to two monitors but it does not add an independent screen. It seems like the discussion is whether it extends one screen across two monitors or if both screens are identical.

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Seems there is a bug in the firmware that gave mirroring all the time and not unique displays which is being fixed. I do not think hey are separate displays.

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If you have two x you will just have a x screen. For Macs there ae things you can do with each display. Mirrored displays have identical content in each a moving cursor is seen to move on both screens at the same time. Displays that are part of an "extended desktop", the cursor passes from one display into the other display. So, you're saying that yes, the Belkin splitter will give you an extended desktop unique, not-mirrored displays?

Yes but it is not really an extended desktop since the Mac does not recognize it as two displays, just a one wide display. Or, if you choose to mirror the original monitor, shows the same area of desktop. Mar 15, PM. Question: Q: 3 displays on mini? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.

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Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: NoPod NoPod. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0. Coolest thing I've seen today. Please, more details! How was it connected? Monitor specs? I'd really like to build something like this for my den.

Can (any) Mac Mini drive 3 monitors?

Are there any monitors which have a minimum amount of edges showing so the black bars are minimized? Is that setup acting as one giant monitor or 9 separate monitors? And also, what resolution is each running at?

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I don't see how even the newest Minis would have the GPU power to run 9 monitors at full rez normally. That is a pretty cool wall o'monitors, dam. What Mac Mini is that running off - the new one with Thunderbolt? How did you chain the monitors? Krueger wrote: Is that setup acting as one giant monitor or 9 separate monitors? From the picture shown, it definitely seems to be acting as a single monitor, and not at a terribly high resolution. While certainly geek-drool-worthy, it's not quite the same as driving multiple high-resolution monitors side-by-side.

There's gotta be a budget monitor that has a thinner bezel and doesn't cost so much. It's a previous model mini pre Thunderbolt. There's no external hardware. The monitors are daisy chained together through HDMI cables. There's a piece of software on the Mac I can't remember what it's called I'll look when I get back to work on Thursday that splits it's video signal into n pieces and then sends them to the monitors which you then put in whatever order you want.

Yes, thinner bezels are available but they're crazy expensive. I think the ones we bought were around 1k each. Also, any idea what the name of the app is?