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I've tried 3 different Macs running OS X In all three cases rJava installs from source without error but after running.

"No Java runtime" error in OS X using Oracle's JVM · Issue #37 · s-u/rJava · GitHub

Another researcher at my institution reports the same issue. Installed Oracle Java 1. Installed Java 1. Like I said, check which one you linked against otool -L and which libjvm you're loading. I'd already re-installed as binary, but install. Hi, I tried conjugateprior 's method re-config R and rJava and it still show me 1. When I use JGR, the issue disappeared.

I am still confused but right now I could use RNetLogo. The comments also have some detail on setting paths. I suppose it's possible that JGR is setting them correctly for you when loaded. I've never used it, so I don't know.

OSX Yosemite and Java Runtime Environment FIX

Thank you! I checked you posts and tried again in RStudio, still 1. It seemed something wired happened between RStudio and rJava. Note that there is a very nasty bug in Yosemite concerning environment variables, so you may want to avoid RStudio for installing packages - use R in the shell which doesn't trigger the bug. Thanks s-u.

OS X Mavericks Eclipse Java Issue – To open “,” you need Java SE 6 runtime

In fact I know the bug and I always run RStudio from terminal and it could solve most of the problems because RStudio could inherit the environment variables from treminal. But this one it didn't work. Then I try to install rJava from source install. Try the following code. Still 1. I think I have re-config R and rJava but rJava just ignore 1. I also confused by JGR, same code and the output is 1. This is the right one. I hope this issue only happened in my mac.

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I am experiencing this issue as well and tried all your suggestions, without success. Both Java 8 and 6 are installed, I defined the necessary environment variables, reconfigured R and reinstalled rJava from source. Still, R links rJava against 1. An update on the Oracle bug: it will be fatal eventually, because Apple will stop providing 1.

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But thanks to Mike Swingler at Apple we have a work-around the stub checks for the existence of libjli to see if it should try 1. In fact we may end up using a way to detect JVM at run-time just like we do on Windows since that's probably the only way to support Oracle Java in the long run given its non-standard location that changes with each update.

That above makes sure that jvm will link in the proper full path to the library so it's guaranteed to be found - even if no special environment variables are set. Note: it assumes you have only one JVM in that directory - if you have multiple, set jvm to whichever you want to use. If you have any of these issues, please try rJava 0. I tried to install version 0. You may need to use non-standard compiler flags or a different compiler in order to fix this.

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It only takes a minute to sign up. I have just updated my JDK to version Compiling works like a charm, but I cannot run the files anymore. So, how can I get the JDKcompiled files to run? Where can I get the JRE 12 or however what it's called now? In my experience IntelliJ uses it's own implementation to determine the location of the Java bin location. This way you can have multiple instances of Java Runtime Environment installed and point to the version the project should use. The only way you would be able to compile software is if you had the java runtime environment installed.

You already have the Java Runtime Environment installed.

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  • The only reason you cannot run the java command inside a command prompt is due to a system variable issue. You likely are not pointing to the correct location within the JDK12 installation directory. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Asked 3 months ago.