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Make sure you backup any data before you erase the drive.

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When you click Erase, a dialog will pop up where you can configure some options. It should only take a minute or two for the drive to be erased and reformatted. Now your drive is ready for OS X. Go ahead and click the Download button to start downloading the installer. Just click Continue. Once it has been downloaded, just double-click the installer, which will be located in the Applications folder.

Formatting Your USB Stick

Keep clicking past the license agreement, etc. By default, it is set to MacBook. I named my external hard drive OS X and that shows up in the middle. Click Continue and then follow the instructions to complete the installation. OS X will automatically continue installing onto the external hard drive rather than booting up to your internal version of OS X.

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Note that by default, the Mac will start booting up directly to the external hard drive until you change it. This will load up OS X Recovery. While OS X is installing, your computer will restart a couple of times. Note that when it finally boots into OS X, that is the version running off your external drive.

See the articles below for creating and restoring a Winclone image:. Create Image from Volume. See the article here. Once the migration process is complete, restart while holding the Option key and the new external Boot Camp volume will be available for startup. Introduction The focus of this document is on the process of migrating an existing Windows 10 Boot Camp partition from the internal drive to a bootable external drive using Winclone 7.

Attach the external drive and open Disk Utility in the Utilities folder. Click the erase button in the toolbar. If you do not see the Scheme option, verify that the disk is selected in the left hand column and not a partition. Click Erase if you are sure. Add Partition.

Prepare the Boot Camp Partition To successfully migrate the Boot Camp partition from the internal volume to an external volume, it is recommended that you prepare Windows with Sysprep prior to booting to the migrated copy of Windows on the external drive. Migration with Winclone.

Select the following options: Select source volume as the internal Boot Camp partition. Select the destination as the ExFAT volume you created on the external volume. Click Clone. Booting into Windows Once the migration process is complete, restart while holding the Option key and the new external Boot Camp volume will be available for startup.

How to run Bootcamp and Windows 10 on a USB SSD - By

The Mac was booted into Windows 10, and Boot Camp drivers for that model were installed. After the reboot required after Boot Camp drivers were installed, Sysprep was run and Windows shut down.

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  4. The Mac was booted into macOS and Winclone 7 installed and launched. Boot Camp was migrated to the external partition using the Volume to Volume feature of Winclone 7.