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Curve 2. Rob Papen updates Predator synth plug-in to version 1. Rob Papen has released version 1. Predator is a "phat sounding" killer synthesizer that combines Beat Magazine has announced that it is offering the Xils 3 BE virtual modular synthesizer to its Facebook fans. Heart of this modular monster for Voxengo updates CurveEQ equalizer plugin to v3. CurveEQ implements spectrum matching technology that allows you to Inear Display releases Oxymore delay plugin May 2, Oxymore comes loaded with a comprehensive selection of presets from Ivo The sound is Disperser is a phase rotator that uses all-pass filters Sinevibes has announced the release of the Inertia envelope sequencer and Cluster animated filter effect plug-ins for Mac.

They replace the earlier Dynamo and AudioGaming releases AudioSteps footstep plugin Apr 26, AudioGaming has launched AudioSteps, the first audio footstep system available as a plug-in. Based on specific real-time control and ownership of acoustic audio signatures, we Here's what Waves releases GEQ graphic equalizer plugin Apr 25, Waves has announced the release of GEQ, a full-featured graphic equalizer with both Classic and Modern mono and stereo components, featuring 30 ISO bands One minor point I disagree with; under your history section explaining the types of delay, you list the Roland RE as a good example of an analogue delay.

Something like a solid-state analogue delay, which uses a bucket-brigade system, could be exemplified by the boss dm-2, moog moogerfooger analog delay, the EH Memory Man, or any number of other pedals. Again, just a slight correction. The sound you get from using the RE is very different from the darker sound of the solid-state ones.

Correction pending! Good choice! I forgot to mention, do you know GRM Tools? The delay in the bundle in fact all of them is really one that I used in every single project before I went to mac. I would say several of those plugins — PitchAccum, Reson, Shuffling — are some of my favourites ever, again for very particular sound design situations.

I saw a while ago that these plugins were used on sound design elements for The Matrix, and the bullet-time chopper sequence in Swordfish, so definitely up to the most challenging of sound-warping tasks! Although it is not a plug-in of its own, the Space Echo ensemble for NI Reaktor is one of the best sounding tape delay simulations for me.

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Perfect for nasty dub delays. Nice list. IMO the Soundtoys and Waves are my favorites. The psp ones I wasnt impressed with. Sounded too grainy and low fi. Timeless had the opposite problem. Too clean. The GRM and Sound hack also sound killer for sound design. Uhe MFM is the big beast of delay plugins though in my opinion.

Well turn the lofi button off and set the analog knob to zero and it wont be. Echoboy is great too but more complicated controls not my go to. For tape echo I love uhe satin which is a tape emu but the delay and flange is beautiful on it and very characterful and analogue sounding.

They are the best 3 imo and waves j37 as a bonus tape delay is great. A very sad loss, unless you stay with the 32bit Pro Tools 10 and earlier.

Do you have a larger copy of the space echo picture with the rasta guy?? I gotta put that up in my studio :. Great blog, I need stuff like this to find my way around.

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The plugins still appear in your host DAW just like other plugins though. The upshot of that is that UA have been able to make incredibly accurate and nuanced emulations of classic gear without having to worry about them crashing your computer every time you open them! As I mentioned in the post, you have several hardware options. We have one of the Apollo audio interfaces on our current wishlist, so we may do a more in-depth feature for you soon!

Amazing delays, great sounding reverbs rivaling my Lexicon and some crazy FX I would never have imagined were delay.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign up to our newsletter! Facebook Twitter RSS. Waves SuperTap. Waves H-Delay Hybrid Delay. Line6 Echo Farm. April 10, March 19, 0. August 16, 0. Impressive , Dec 23, Agree x 8 List. If you're a mac user, you're wasting your time by visiting these sites. What's left to be cracked is simply uncrackable at the present time. Windows users? Well they got it made. I'm a mac user, so don't take this as an insult, but rather an honest opinion from your side of the table Or are we?

You can make perfect music with what is already available. Matter of fact, guitars, too If you can't make a good song from this, then I'm sorry to inform you making music probably just isn't you're thing. Last edited by a moderator: Dec 23, Like x 4 Agree x 2 List. Funny x 2 List. Plendix , Dec 23, Funny x 5 List. Funny x 4 List. Joined: Nov 13, Messages: 53 Likes Received: 9.

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Well I use fabfilter and psp plugins a lot and I agree they are absolutely top class. But i downloaded them years ago. Same with Izotope. I used years and years audioz downloaded plugins and I would build a monument To the people who gave me this opportunity because i never had the money To buy plugins. I was just wondering why the crack situation with mac plugins just stopped and meanwhile I noticed that very good plugins prices dropped and I Came to the conclusion that maybe it's worth now to give the developers the right amount of money to help them produce Even better stuff.