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The classic real time strategy game that transports players to a time when heroes did battle with monsters of legend and the gods intervened in the affairs of mortals. Use mythological creatures like Minotaurs and Cyclopes to bolster your armies' strength. Call upon the gods for assistance in flattening enemy towns with meteors or scatter opposing troops with lightning storms. Best game ever!.

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The graphics and many scena rios have given myself and my grandchildren many years of playing fun. Since I have upgraded to Win 10, I really miss playing as this was a way of unwinding in the pm. Would it be possible to upgrade this game to Win 10 also? This is a great game and I really miss playing. The greats never go out of style, Sincerely, Mary Harper More.

Like, I played it 4 years ago, so I decided to play a bit again. Pros: I like what is beautiful and what is no specific bugs. Cons: hm, ma little graphics that the game is very old, but nothing wrong with her not here now I would not touch anything. What do you think about Age of Mythology? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave.

Learn more. View full description. PROS Play as multiple factions each with unique strengths buildings and units Battle through the single player story or join your friends for multi player combat.

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Softonic review Play one of four historic sides in this classic real time strategy game. Single or Multiplayer Play through the story line campaign of Age of Mythology enjoying the deep and rewarding plot with interesting characters. Overcooked 2 Cool Game for Fans.

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Vainglory Free Game for Fantasy Fans. Two Point Hospital A sophisticated and funny hospital building and management game. Download Age of Mythology extended-edition. Download for Windows. Prepare your troops. You are free to choose each land. After choosing it, You have to defeat all the other lands with your powers. Players will be the god of the land. Zeus is one of them which has unbelievable powers. All of the soldiers have to obey you. For start, Build your palace at the center of city.

Then create important buildings. Increase the population with obtaining facilities. Other empires will try to attack you. Because they want resources like yours to increase their power. All of the story is based on the legends. So there will be magical powers too. These powers would be limited. So use them at the best situation. Never be afraid of the other kingdoms. Try to be the best at the area or obey them until the end. Age of Mythology have got many awards in It has also got great reviews by the critics.

Gamespot has gave it 9. It means that we are facing a masterpiece. The graphics are acceptable but the gameplay is really amazing. Download With Direct Link. Anonymous December 17, at pm - Reply. Anonymous February 1, at pm - Reply. Anonymous March 7, at pm - Reply. Anonymous October 21, at am - Reply. Anonymous October 29, at pm - Reply. Anonymous November 17, at am - Reply. Anonymous January 5, at pm - Reply.

Anonymous November 29, at am - Reply. Anonymous December 9, at pm - Reply. Anonymous December 15, at pm - Reply. Gayashan December 23, at pm - Reply. Anonymous January 3, at pm - Reply.

Age of Mythology Free Download

Please somebody give us the valid password to enter the game. Sanjeev January 10, at pm - Reply. Luvna Munisamy January 11, at am - Reply. Niko January 28, at am - Reply. Anonymous January 30, at am - Reply. Anonymous February 1, at am - Reply. LEO February 24, at am - Reply. Anonymous March 7, at am - Reply. Sasa March 2, at am - Reply. ZeroCool March 3, at am - Reply. Eddie March 9, at pm - Reply. Anonymous March 9, at pm - Reply. On level 5 my troops are not attacking at all…. Anonymous March 21, at pm - Reply.

Anonymous March 26, at am - Reply. Hemanta das April 4, at am - Reply. Cheds April 3, at am - Reply.

Age of Mythology - Download

Anonymous April 15, at pm - Reply. Anonymous April 16, at pm - Reply. Anonymous April 27, at pm - Reply. Anonymous May 28, at am - Reply.

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Anonymous May 10, at am - Reply. Haha May 16, at am - Reply. Elkeny July 15, at am - Reply. Can someone help, everything seemed to install just fine but when i try to play the game, after loading a few pages it stops at a black screen and doesnt load further.

Pls what can i do about that? Anonymous July 23, at pm - Reply. BMO August 31, at pm - Reply. Kartikey September 5, at am - Reply. Anonymous January 9, at am - Reply. Anonymous October 5, at am - Reply.