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24 Mesmerizing Live Performances By Fleetwood Mac

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Fleetwood Mac - Rumours Live [Nashville, TN 1977]

Pink Floyd 4. Led Zeppelin 5. Bob Dylan 6. David Bowie 7. Arcade Fire 8. The Rolling Stones 9. Nirvana The Velvet Underground The Smiths Pixies The Beach Boys The Clash The Who U2 Neil Young Bruce Springsteen Jimi Hendrix Miles Davis. All rights reserved. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date indicated and are subject to change. Fleetwood Mac. Year of Release:. Comments: comments. Comments: 26 comments.

Fleetwood Mac Comments: 38 comments. Tango In The Night.

Comments: 16 comments. Then Play On. Comments: 6 comments. Comments: 8 comments. Mystery To Me. Comments: 5 comments. Say You Will.

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  • Rumours (Warner Brothers, 1977).
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  • Fleetwood Mac's albums: from worst to best - Telegraph;
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The Dance. Comments: 7 comments. The Chain from the album Rumours. Go Your Own Way from the album Rumours. Dreams from the album Rumours. Landslide from the album Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon from the album Fleetwood Mac Gypsy from the album Mirage. Sara from the album Tusk.

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Don't Stop from the album Rumours. Albatross from the album English Rose.

Fleetwood Mac: magic you just can't cover

Hypnotized from the album Mystery To Me. Second Hand News from the album Rumours. Tusk from the album Tusk. That alone has made it the eighth-biggest-selling album of all time.

Fleetwood Mac Albums Ranked Worst to Best

On a deeper level, these bitter-sweet, autobiographical songs spoke of the complex emotional turmoil at the heart of this uniquely dysfunctional band. View Deal. In the four years that Peter Green led Fleetwood Mac, they recorded just three original studio albums, plus a handful of non-album singles. The key tracks from this period have been collected on other compilations, but this Best Of is the definitive article.

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  • Fleetwood Mac : Best Ever Albums.
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This was a new beginning, a band redefined. Fleetwood Mac got lucky with Buckingham and Nicks. They did not need another woman in the band. Some albums are so good, so big, that the follow-up can only be a disappointment. Tusk sold a respectable two million, but the experimental nature of this double album typified by the eccentric title track, released as the first single!

In fact, Tusk is far better than its reputation.

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What began as a Lindsey Buckingham solo album, with Mick Fleetwood helping out, eventually developed into a full-blown Fleetwood Mac comeback featuring four-fifths of the classic Rumours line-up. Nicks contributed some fine songs too, notably Destiny Rules and Thrown Down. Since its original release, the tracklisting has been altered four times. Tango In The Night proved they were better off together — artistically and financially, if not emotionally. The album was their most popular since Rumours. The Mac were back.