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All 6 Replies. Hello Brett I currently am running, respectively, I am advised to download these updates manually and install them. However, the Adobe site feeds up the update to And the update for ACR 7. I was able to download and install Lightroom 4. This has been a persistent problem I got install errors the last time I updated, and finally gave up in disgust.

Clearly there is a problem, as this is an error reported by multiple users. I haven't checked the log for the It patently is NOT.

Lightroom 7.3 update

Everything else works fine on my computer, a Mac Pro running Lion You got problems not you Brett, your bosses. I'll say only, editorially, as the years have gone by, for me since Photoshop 2. The first step to take from for recovery is to admit you have a problem, which Adobe seem steadfastly to refuse to do. I will not re-install CS6 in order to update. I'm trying to make a living, not be tech support to myself for a company that's failing to engineer its own updates properly.

Either way I have more work to do, but at least what is installed at present works. I hope to hear of positive steps I can take to alleviate this problem. Re-install, again, is NOT positive. Thanks in advance for any assistance. It's hard to say what could be preventing you from installing any updates, but they all likely share the same root cause.

Lightroom doesn't update the way other applications do. It doesn't use AAM, it also doesn't patch the existing installation. Instead, the update removes the old version and reinstalls Lightroom entirely from scratch, which would explain why this update works and others do not. Since we do have installation log information about the Camera Raw update, let's start there. Do you have multiple copies of the camera raw plug-in? If not, what is the actual version of the plug-in you can verify this with Get Info? Next, we'd want to see the logs for the other updates to see what they say.

Adobe Camera Raw

Might they be returning the same message? To take a more holistic and generic approach, have you tried installing the updates from the Root User? Or in Safe Boot? There could be a permission issue preventing the updates from installing or a conflict with background applications. Welcome to the Blackmagic Design support center. Here you will find the latest software updates, support notes, instruction manuals and all kinds of helpful information. If you need extra help, then please go to our community forum and connect with the incredible experience of the television industry.

Go to our community forum to ask questions and take advantage of the incredible experience of the worldwide television industry, 24 hours a day! When you need to ask us a specific question, simply contact us via email and one of our support engineers will get back to you with an answer. Send us an email. When you need urgent help, call the Blackmagic Design support office closest to you.

If you need out of hours help, call one of our worldwide support offices. RAW issues are usually easy to work around. We would certainly benefit from DNG being standardized, but that just isn't going to happen. I'd like Lightroom to at least support the PNG format just so that I can catalog web images and screenshots along with my other photos. Only thing I ever use Bridge for anymore. The Lightroom 4. Anyone else having this problem?

There are a few instances of the same problem reported in Adobe forums.

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Just discovered that the problem is related to downloading the update with Firefox. If you download using Internet Explorer, the update works fine under Vista. Same thing happened to me using Google Chrome. Will try it using IE. Thanks a lot for the heads up DanFromNfld! I had the same problem, but it was just a security issue.

Vista had blocked the file because it was a downloaded executable from an untrusted source. I had to right-click the downloaded file and select properties. Then at the bottom of the "General" tab, I had to click "unblock". After that, it ran OK. Canon 6D support! That didn't take long at all. I thought it would be in a RC or two before they gave final version support to it. But I'll take it! Can't wait to not have to use DPP any longer. Sigma support, well i probably agree with you, but i bet it comes down to priority. They probably had more urgant things to work on for the release.

I would ask Sigma why they don't support DNG. As far as "Wasting resources" between the various raw solutions. Variety is a good thing! I mean common, how many raw formats do they have to support? As far as no Offline update for ACR. I have to ask why does your office have no internet connecion? Personally i think it's obserd or even childish to block or prevent net access in an office building.

People should be treated as resonsible adults, not children. Net access in the office is an assest anyway. Money is the only driver, period. I tried the latest Photoshop update The HiDPI display is a welcome enhancement. But, from what I've seen so far, the image rendering in ACR 7. ACR is still scaling images to a x grid. Objects will draw 2x larger in ACR. I hope they fix this in a future update. I would like to have the same scaling and rendering in both stages. Lightroom should be rendering at full-res in the Develop module.

At least that's what it says on the blog. Sigma maintains that it has made the all necessary information available - Adobe for reasons best know to themselves simply refuses to take it on board.

What's stopping them? It isn't just Foveon. Hasselblad multi-shot uninterpolated images are completely not supported. They need to make the system more robust to handle Fuji's more complex layouts they currently accept the files but handle them poorly and Foveon and Hasselblad's uninterpolated layouts. I guess you can't help being almost totally ignorant, Clint.

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Ask around - look around - the cure is out there. Maybe one day you'll find it. I wish you good luck. Sigmachrome - Ahh don't take things so seriously life is too short Really what I said was true though Given that within one week we have had three major vendors release big patches to support new raw camera formats, is it not time for Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, DXO, etc to get together and work on a collaborative way of doing this?

What a waste of resources. But none of them are making money off the way things are today, instead they are diverting resources away from adding features and improving their product to instead add support for various raw formats.

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Maybe two or three of these groups could get together and create a project to support the various cameras together rather than duplicating efforts. The lenses on the other hand It already supported them, however that doesn't mean support hasn't been improved. Anyone with an X-Pro1 or X-E1 fancy giving the new version a roll and seeing if it's any better? I will if I get time this weekend. I will do the same asap. Capture One pro 7 promised that the next update will be ready for the RAF files. But I prefer to keep working in LR4. I was one of the first adopters of the X-Pro1.

When raw support was added to LR4. Proper raw support for the X-Trans sensor will not show up until the next major version of Lightroom 5. The current support is "as good as it gets" within the capabilities of the current versions. So stop hoping and crying because it is annoying tbh. I decide for myself whether I'll cry or not and I do cry! I did some testing and indeed no improvements.

So a little more patience and wth the jpegs will do for now. I am a happy owner of a Fujifilm X-E1. Now I am going to test support of several raw converters for the X-Trans raw to choose my new one. Find out how it performs in our in-depth review. The Nikon Z 35mm F1.

Adobe Releases Lightroom 4.3 and Camera Raw 7.3

But is it any good? The Fujifilm GFX combines the highest resolution we've ever tested with features such as image stabilization, on-sensor phase detection and 4K video capture that you don't usually find in medium format cameras. Does this make it the ultimate do-everything camera? Adding a 6-bay higher performance model to its Slim series of small and portable NAS units, Synology hopes to offer plenty of capacity, functionality and speed.

Here's a hands-on review of the new Synology DSSlim. Her pick, the Peak Design Slide, is also the most affordable.

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