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Sign Up. Season 2 Episode 22 Wonder Woman must stop the hijacking of an experimental thought controlled missile, but she is continuously delayed by a small town sheriff. Notes: Powers and Abilities Wonder Woman stops a car traveling at approximately 20 miles per hour by placing one boot on the front bumper!

Wonder Woman is able to hear which way the motorcycle and missile have gone and pursue.

Diana Prince's license plate number is Diana Prince had previously read about curious Western places names so knew the origin of the name Burrogone. In many scenes wires holding the missile are seen. LASSO: 0 times.

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JUMPS: 5 times. Breaks free from chains, breaks out of cell. The driver revs his engine, overtakes her and continues on his way. Moments later, as Diana turns around a curve she sees the bike lying in the road, wheels spinning and the driver appears unconscious. She slams on the brakes and runs over to the driver. As she leans over to help him, he pulls a gun, gets into her car and drives off, leaving her stranded. She steps behind a tree, whirls into Wonder Woman and pursues him, quickly overtaking the car.

He is knocked unconscious. She then whirls back into Diana as she hears the sound of police sirens. He questions her about her business in the area of Burrogone. Diana follows him back to town in her car. Once in town, the Sheriff tells Diana to take her car over to the town's gas station as it is the only one for miles.

So she drives her car over to the gas station. She observes the townspeople, she thinks they are acting a little suspiciously, but can't figure out why. The Sheriff invites Diana to come and make her statement, he takes as long as he can to write it down and check he has it correct and Diana is growing increasingly impatient. She is worried that she won't arrive at the missile range on time.

Mac is thrown into Jail. They place him onto the bed in the cell as he is still unconscious.

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Luther is told to go and collect Mac's motorcycle from the roadside before anyone finds it. When they leave Mac comes around and goes over to the wall at the back of his cell. In a certain spot several of the bricks are lose, he scrapes between them and removes a few bricks then reaches into the hole and pulls out a bag with the equipment he needs to complete his escape. He removes more bricks then climbs through the hole and out of the jail.

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Diana returns to the gas station to find that the service station guy has torn the fuel pump out of her car. She can't go anywhere until he fixes it.

She gets back in her car, annoyed that she is now going to be even later. She tries to turn on the radio but there is no signal. She is approached by a guy who says that he is Just George. He asks if she'd like to buy a newspaper and after noticing that it is out-of-date Diana says she will buy it if George will answer a few questions.

She asks him if there is a car rental service, a bus or a taxi service and he tells her that the town has none of these things. She asks him if there is a public telephone and he tells her that Flo has one, but she isn't home. Diana is frustrated that she can't even call anyone to come and pick her up.

She tells George that she has the feeling that something very strange is going on and he makes a run for it. She runs after him and notices a metallic reflection on the hillside. At the test site an officer wears a special metal helmet, which picks up his brain waves, which are then relayed to the missile through any ordinary radio transmitter. The missile itself carries a computer which translates the brain waves into directions, controlling firing mechanisms as well as aiming systems. It is an import and test today.

The officer reports that only one of the helmets has arrived at the base, the other has been stolen. Diana still trying to catch George arrives at the top of the hill and she is suddenly being chased by two men in dune buggies. Beauty Interview. Now You Know. The O. Latest Beauty. Customize Select the topics that interest you:. Celebrity Style. Beauty Tips. Instead, we saw her make fun of how the women in that time-period dressed. The bitter realities of war is a lot to breathe in for someone that, despite being trained as a great warrior, has never had to face its ramifications until after the meet-cue.

His love of country and fellow man—despite being exposed to the problematic dark underbelly of government—is important in order to prove to Diana that men are redeemable. These are the moments that were important to both their character development and important for audience members to see. We glossed over this in an exchange for a dance scene in the village. She was given a hot housewife vibe for the sake of comic-book-reading boys with internalized misogyny. But this film was supposed to be created for women as the consumers in the 21st century, no less.

I know societal change is all about baby steps, but damn. There were so many moments that this film could have talked about xenophobia, if just a bit. But the film did have time for the village-dance scene, a bar crawl, eye-contact-hints for sexual intercourse, a non-sequitur scene of antagonists poisoning their allies with toxic gas, and, of course, a shopping scene.

Also, why did we spend so much time dehumanizing Dr. Poison only to have Diana spare her because she felt pity for her scars?


Bear with me. But like… by fighting him…he becomes more powerful… his feat is restoring peace… not fists. I know superheroes often contradict themselves. After all how can Diana go through this spiel about peace and forgiveness and worthiness of all life, and then go ahead and smite Aries? Otherwise, Diana would have no reason to keep fighting and being a hero because there would be no crime. Ah yes, greed and violence.

In fact, I am beyond happy that the box office numbers and the fanbase and the girls who are beginning to see their own strengths reflected in their Wonder Woman costumes, but, at the same time, I am wary of using this film as a measure of feminism. Is the bar set so low for progressiveness in media that we should be blindly happy with Wonder Woman? Keep rewatching the movie, keep loving Diana, just know that she should be flying higher. First and foremost, great article and analysis!

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While naturally the film is a step in the right direction in some ways, in others it stayed where it was. There are some issues not covered here however that I think are important to note! This was done to showcase the creator, Dr. That authority is Wonder Woman. She is woman born of women raised by women born of woman. Marsdon believed women were the natural dominants of the world and therefore a woman with only women for parents who grows up only surrounded by women would be the dominant of not just men but other women. Stripping her of the bondage gear is a pro and con situation because obviously bondage gear oversexualizes her but it also misses the point of why she was wearing it.

Changing her origins as being the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta also missed the mark. It takes away the fact that her strength, abilities, and powers all come from her femininity. Nothing about her comes from the masculine, not even her fighting which is always coded as a male trait but her has no grounding in men.