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Devices and Mac OS X version

Xvid, DivX, mpeg-4, wmv There are scads of video conversion tools you can use to convert files from one format to another. What we're going to use is Video Converter for Mac , which converts all of your digital videos to the format you want, and has preset formats optimized to fit particular handy devices or players for the novice user as well as advanced conversion settings for the power user. Start your converting project by navigating to AVI movies to the left pane of the main interface. Just either click the "Add File" button to choose the raw AVI files that you want to work with or simply drag the AVI videos directly from your machine.

All added. The original closed source Dr. DivX terminated at version 1. An open source version has been made, which supports DivX 6.

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DivX offers greatly expanded features over the free DivX Converter application, that was bundled with the codec from version 6 onwards. DivX has released a command line interface CLI for the divx encoder used in the DivX Converter as beta, free for non-commercial use.

Devices that have been DivX certified usually brandish one of the following marks: [37]. DivX certified devices have included DVD players, car stereos, mobile phones, televisions, Blu-ray players, and even alarm clocks. Aside from verifying proper decoding of files conforming to the DivX profiles the certification also confirms the device can play back DivX Video on Demand content, which includes Hollywood content that can be purchased from Internet retailers. On 17 December , firmware upgrade 2. Firmware version 2.

With introduction of DivX to Go in the DivX Player for Windows, a PlayStation 3 icon is readily available on the interface, which will invoke a transfer wizard for freely converting and copying video files via USB or optical disc. The main competitors of DivX Inc. Google Inc. Apple Inc. One of these products that can produce MPEG-4—compliant digital video is Xvid , a free and open source codec that offers comparable quality. This library is also used by ffdshow , which can be used for playback with most Windows video players and video converters.

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For the company, see DivX, Inc. For the videodisc format, see DIVX. This article needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. October Main article: Dr. See also: Comparison of video player software , Category:Video conversion software , and Category:Video codecs.

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