How to delete files on rewritable cd mac

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Hold down the Control key and click on the CD or DVD drive in the sidebar of the Finder, and then choose Erase rewritable disc from the context menu doesn't work any more. Posted on Oct 6, PM. Most optical disk functions have been removed from Disk Utility.

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How to delete written files on CD-R (CD Writing Tricks)

Oct 6, PM. Oct 6, PM in response to athedrummaster In response to athedrummaster. Thank you for the answer, and Yes, I have found that option, but it is not possible to activate Erase. Tried to click on Disable and change to Enable just for testing, the Erase option still does not remain active.

How about for lower level users who don't even know how to get onto Terminal. I'm afraid I'll erase things I shouldn't.

How to delete files on a CD-RW that are read-only

So frustrating. I can't erase a simple rewritable CD. The information is physically etched into the disks with a very tiny laser. This type of disk lets you burn files, but it also allows you to "erase" the ENTIRE disc so that it's back to the same totally blank state you started with. Then you can burn more files onto it. Optical discs are NOT like normal drives - you can't just drag individual files to them.

Erasing files with Windows Explorer

You have to use a special program like Nero, give it all the files you want to burn onto the disk, and let it do the work. I believe that Windows itself now has built-in disk burning tools as well, but I'm not familiar with them. These actually do behave just like hard drive except they're a lot slower and you can drag-and-drop individual files, erase them, edit them, etc. Henry Chinaski Distinguished.

How to erase dvd disc on mac

Mar 16, 1, 0 19, So what type of disk should I be using if my intent is to copy files, then later delete and copy more files; I don't want to save any of them permanently. Another question, when right-clicking a file and selecting to send copy to a disk, why does my computer say to enter disk when there is already a disk DVD-R in there?

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It doesn't recognize it for some reason. Good point - maybe just using a USB Flash drive would be a lot easier Oct 2, 15, 0 53, Best answer selected by aford This topic has been closed by Aford Storage 2 Feb 2, Similar threads Question Help! Post thread. Graphics Cards.

Windows Started by nightelfrlz Today at PM Replies: 7. Latest posts. Laptop Tech Support. Wireless Networking. Latest: gna 2 minutes ago. First off, just because a CD is "rewritable" doesn't mean you can just wander along and delete files as you please on it.

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XP's CD writing abilities are write only, no matter what kind of disc you have in the drive. Generally speaking you also have to go all or nothing when it comes to deleting files on a CD.

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You can't just delete one or two files leaving the rest like a floppy disk. You have to delete ALL the files then burn it again with the files you want. There are programs that let you treat a CD-RW like a floppy, but they will generally chew through the finite number of rewrites the CD can do before failing much quicker, so using them wouldn't be advised.

Such programs also make the odds of being able to use the CD on any random computer far worse. In a word, no. But be advised, it also makes the formatted CD-RW only readable on the computer where it was made. If you use a program such as InCD or DirectCD, you can still use it on other systems, you just need a special reader program installed. And how many people have that reader installed?

How many even know about it? Does it come with the CD burning software program? If not where do you find it? It may be an option but, not a good one in my opinion. I find using a formatted CD-RW more trouble than it's worth.