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The last six digits, or the ones composed of Ys, is what makes the signature of every device unique. Primarily, there are three ways to change your MAC Address, and all of them are best suited to different purposes.

how to check mac address in android phone

If you recall any information about the NIC, then you might reach begin to understand that it is actually not possible to change the MAC address of any device since it is directly tied to a hardware component and acts more like a digital signature. However, that being said, any Operating System based on the UNIX kernel gives you the ability to deceive any software about your true IP Address by supplying it with a false one instead.

The first method comprises changing the software values of your MAC address every time you connect to the internet.

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It does not change the MAC address on a software level altogether. It just sends the server an altered form of your MAC Address.

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There are primarily two methods which you can use to achieve this. However, you should know that any method which you opt to use will require your phone to be rooted. You can use a One-click rooting app such as Kingroot to root your device or follow a traditional approach to root it.

You can opt for either a temporary and risk-free solution, or you can go for a more permanent solution which does involve a significant amount of risk. The two methods which you can use to achieve this are as follows. The best part about this app is that even though it does require root, it does not require BusyBox unlike the rest of the apps. This is especially helpful if you wish to maintain your privacy on a public network.

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  7. Yet another amazing feature of this app is the fact that you can change your MAC address while connected to a WiFi. Here is how you do it. You have now successfully spoofed your MAC address. This method involves a more permanent change to your MAC Address. Again, this app does require root access, but not BusyBox to work.

    Follow these steps to permanently spoof your MAC address:.

    Finding the MAC Address on Your Device - Finding MAC Address - Western University

    Additionally, it may also cause your phone to refuse WiFi or even cellular connections altogether. Proceed at your own risk while using this app. Temporarily masking your MAC address requires a little more expertise than simply installing an app and tapping a couple of buttons to fool servers and web browsers. This method actually alters the MAC Address as it is stored in the operating system, hence making it much more effective than simply altering your MAC address every time you connect to a network.

    However, this is only temporary as it lasts right until you restart your phone. Every device has one. It can be found printed on the device e. To find the MAC Address on a Polycom Handset, you can either check the back of the handset or on through the handsets interface. Open the command prompt. Right-click on the Start button and select Command Prompt from the menu. This will display your network configuration.

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    8. Find your adapter's physical address. Scroll down to your network adapter and look for the values next to "Physical Address," which is your MAC address.

      How do I find the MAC address of my device?

      There are potentially two different physical addresses MAC address for your wired connection and wireless connection, pay attention to the name of the device! You can also find the MAC address by looking at the details of your network adapter in Windows. Right-click on your network connection and select "Status. Step Five Press Cancel to return to the Network menu.


      Choose Ethernet from the list of interfaces on the left and click the Advanced button. Android have many versions so the below may not apply to all Android handsets.